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Fantastic Opportunity with 192 Finished Town Home Lots in Ocala, Florida

SVN McDonald & Co. and SVN Commercial Partners are pleased to help represent a new housing initiative in the Ocala marketplace. These 192 residential lots are available in the Aurora Oaks project, with planning and zoning completed and infrastructure being developed.

The Aurora Oaks project is a significant housing initiative in Ocala. Presented by SVN McDonald & Co. and SVN Commercial Partners, this development offers 192 finished townhome lots. The project is fully planned and zoned, with ongoing infrastructure development aimed at providing quality housing in a prime location.

This initiative addresses Ocala’s urgent need for housing, driven by rapid population growth. Between 2022 and 2023, Ocala’s population increased by 3%, making it the fourth fastest-growing metro area in the United States. This growth is primarily due to economic opportunities and the attractive climate of central Florida​ (​​ (WUSF )​. Despite several residential projects in progress, Ocala still struggles to meet the high demand for housing caused by the influx of new residents​ (​​ (​.

Aurora Oaks is part of a broader effort to accommodate this growth, along with other developments like the West Oak project and the Winding Oaks Community. The West Oak development, approved for 2,300 units, and the Winding Oaks Community, featuring over 1,500 new single-family homes, are also pivotal in addressing the housing shortage​ (Ocala Gazette)​​ (​. These projects are crucial in ensuring that Ocala can provide sufficient housing for its rapidly expanding population, supporting the community’s continued growth and economic vitality.


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