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The Rail Advantage in Ocala

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Had a great meeting recently with Pinsley Railroads to learn more about their Florida Northern Railroad, which runs through Ocala, FL. The efficiency of rail is staggering, but I'll get to that later. Pinsley operates three lines in Florida, including the Florida Central, Midland and Northern Railroads that include 200 miles of track.

The Florida Northern Railroad connects with CSX lines and runs from Lowell down to Candler, with a number of spurs connecting it to large industrial properties for sale in Marion County.

We represent one of these heavy industrial properties near Reddick, FL which includes a 47,000sf warehouse on 12 acres that used to be the home of MFM Mining.

(HEAVY INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY FOR SALE $575,000, Reddick, FL , 47,000sf Warehouse on 12 acres.)

Here are some amazing facts about the advantages of using rail:

-a single train can carry the load of more than 280 trucks.

-trains can move up to 2,000 pounds of freight over 400 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

-if just 10% of freight moved by truck were diverted to rail, fuel savings would approach one billion gallons a year.

So, who do you know that needs to move a bunch of stuff in and out of Ocala, FL?

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